About Ponto

Who is Ponto?

Bonjour, hi! My name is Tania Mignacca and I'm a Montreal-based illustration. About 10 years ago, I created Ponto, the cutest orange cone (that's how we call road barrels here), because I was tired of people complaining about the never-ending construction in Montreal. I've been writing a webcomic about Ponto's adventures in order for people to have a different outlook on the city. With time, Ponto gained a special place in people's hearts not only in Montreal but also across the world because it seems everyone can relate to construction!

Ponto also has is own social media where you can follow is life as an orange cone and discover Montreal and also travel the world! He has visited about 30 countries so far thanks to our followers.

About this shop

In order to support my project, I created a line of kawaii products inspired by Montreal construction and popular landmarks. They are very popular among Montrealers of course but also any construction or urban planning fan.

All the products are either made by me or by collaborating with other local artisans and small business. When it's not possible to find a local supplier, I work with companies from US and Europe that have artists' needs at heart.

I hope you will enjoy browsing and purchasing from my store! If you have any product suggestions or would like to collaborate, feel free to contact me.

Other ways to support Ponto and my work:

- Check out my webcomic!
- Follow Ponto on social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
- Become a patron on PATREON!
- Spread the orange cone love with your friends and family!

Points of sale

Some of my products are available at the following Montreal stores:

Artpop Montréal
129 avenue du Mont-Royal Est, Montreal, Québec

Montréal Images
3620 boulevard St Laurent, Montreal, Quebec 
Librairie Crossover Comics
3560 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, Québec
Planète BD (books)
4077 rue St Denis, Montréal, Québec

If you have a store and would like to carry Ponto products, contact me for wholesale information.